Track light manufacturer-How to produce a track light

The production process of LED Track Light

Now the production of LED lamps and lanterns process a lot, a single take a rail light, there are die-casting / extrusion profiles / forging and other steps, to adapt to the various types of customers need to produce products of different kinds of production processes.
BLED, to serve customers with high-quality requirements, the products used are mainly die-casting, take one of BLED's track lights as an example, his production process and the selection of accessories have the following content

1.Track Light Manufacturer Die-casting

Through precision die-casting mold design and high tonnage machines to ensure that the die-cast products do not produce air holes inside, the following finishing process is much more accessible through the instrumentation and design of the mold to achieve high quality.

2Track Light Manufacturer CNC machining

BLED is also very demanding on CNC processing and operator requirements; according to our processing standards, the surface will not appear processing knife marks. The product can also be achieved directly plating effect.

3.Track Light Manufacturer Surface treatment

BLED surface treatment raw materials used by the imported AkzoNobel / Tiger (Tiger) two brands of powder, through the electrostatic adsorption process and high-temperature baking, so that our products can easily pass the "thousand grid test."

4.Track Light Driver

BLED driver used in two categories, one is for customers without dimming needs, and the other is the demand for silicon dimming. Conventional non-dimming drive BLED using the driver brand is Tridonic and TCI. BLED uses a brand produced in China; all the above drivers used can pass the new European regulations ErP energy efficiency test, the Australian market RCM.

5.Track Light's Track head

There are several different options for the track head used in BLED track lighting. Namely Global PRO/ Unipro/ Stucchi/ Eutrac/ Powergear and a series of brands suitable for promotion in Europe. Our customers have different choices.

6.BLED's Track Light User groups

At present, BLED's track lights are mainly exported to Europe and Australia two markets. So the local market certification information is more complete; For the Nordic market, BLED also launched a series of track lights Dim to Warm products. From 2000K-3000K color temperature dimming