Dimming lighting-2 kinds of dimming methods

Dimming lighting-2 kinds of LED dimming lighting methods

Now there are more and more projects for more diverse needs of color temperature, to cope with this changing situation, so the market appeared in a single lamp can do three kinds of color temperature products, and then now prevalent in the Chinese market of dimming color products. We have summarized the following two programs to change color temperature in the lamps and lanterns.

1. Tunable White:

a unique digital dimming system technologyThe realization principle is to make two circuits in the luminaire light source board; color temperature is the end customer demand for the two highest and lowest colors. There are two circuits inside the light source, through the control of the output power ratio of the two light sources are different, with a mix of color with the way to achieve the same light has three or more color temperature options. Of course, to make this effect, it is necessary to use different from the conventional / Dali drive program to control each color temperature of the circuit to achieve dimming lamps. The following figure is to perform independent 2700K, 4000K, 5400K light color mixing through the gear adjustment.

led dimming lighting


2. Dim to warm

The principle of this realization is in the COB light source, put two groups of light source chips with different load voltage, low voltage for low color temperature, high voltage for high color temperature. Product characteristics are to enable the light source to issue a 2000-3000K color temperature range, according to the features of the power supply, the smaller the current, the smaller the voltage, so when we adjust the low current, the power will be low, the color presented is yellowish 2000K, and vice versa, change the current, the power increases, the color is reflected in the white 3000K.

3.Light source brand

Tunable white products on the market, most of the use of two different color temperatures of aluminum substrate light source, the brand is generally dominated by the 2835 light source Sanan. Chinese factories have been developing new products in the past two years, two different color temperature products to COB light source, the main factory to Toyonia (Toyo), a light source factory using a Japanese brand phosphor.
Dim to warm products, is mainly sharp, with short factory shutdown, very many customers can not find suppliers, this time there are many factories to develop products, such as Brigelux, VS, Citizen, and other major brands have designed products, Citizen's use of more customers, Bled is through product verification And customer feedback, and finally confirmed and selected the VS brand, which is a brand from Germany, taking into account the light source at the same time the factory has to do supporting LED driver program.