How to choose a spotlight with different beam angles
In commercial lighting design, we often encounter the problem of how to choose the LED downlight beam angle, different beam angles bring very different irradiation effect. This article will tell us how different beam angles of LED downlights have different irradiation effects.

First of all, we need to know what are the classifications of beam angles.
In general, the light emitted by the spotlight has a narrow, medium and wide three beam angles.
Narrow beam angle refers to the light cup light-emitting angle within 40 °
Medium beam angle refers to the light cup luminous angle within 90 °
Wide beam angle refers to the light cup luminous angle > 90 °

The following pictures will show the effect of several different beam angles of lighting

The narrow beam with the smallest beam angle has a very small irradiation area and the largest light intensity in the center, creating an extremely strong visual impact on the irradiated surface.
However, the strong color contrast makes it difficult to see details clearly. And the irradiated products are not presented completely because the beam angle is too small.
Compared with the smallest beam angle, we can find that as the beam angle increases, the illuminated item can be more fully presented to the customer. In addition, the second beam angle in the picture allows us to see the details of the product better
So we can conclude that in using the same power LED downlight is, if you want to highlight the details of the product, you can use the reflector with a smaller beam angle, and the smaller the angle, the harder will the light spot. if you want to show your customers the totality of the product, then you have to choose the reflector with a large angle.