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How to choose downlights for high-end hotels

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Five-star hotels have always been luxurious, but what would be the best? Recently, the hotel design magazine Sleeper launched an award that is recognized as the heavyweight in the hotel category in the design field-AHEAD Awards.
In the shortlisted works, leaving aside the differences in hardware, the overall atmosphere of most hotels is quite good, which largely comes from by the distinct lighting space and the comfortable light environment.

So, how can we get excellent hotel lighting effects? This requires us to combine different hotel types and fully consider the factors such as illuminance standards, lighting level planning, reasonable lighting layout, lighting selection, and scene control. Among them, the choice of lamps is really important. Basically, the criterion for good lighting is to a large extent in choosing the right lamp to illuminate the exact area or objects that you need to illuminate!
The hotel itself is a complex structure, covering areas such as the front hall, lobby, restaurant, corridor, guest room, etc., with different heights and different demands. The lamps and lanterns should be combined with the needs of different spaces, especially downlight for overall illumination, which is very important. However, how to choose the good downlights are always a difficult issue in the applications of hotels, especially in some high-ceiling spaces.
For example:

  1. When the lamp power is too high, glare occurs. But it is not bright enough if reducing the power.
  2. The stroboscopic makes people mentally fatigued
  3. The brightness of the light radiation area is uneven, with some areas clean and bright, while some areas dark and dull.
  4. The light quality does not meet the standard, but only meets the basic standard of "light up".
  5. The installation and disassembly is difficult, and later maintenance is time-consuming and laborious.
So how to choose a good downlight in a hotel space is very significant!

The roles of downlights in various areas in the hotel

First of all, we must clarify the functional requirements of illumination in each area of the hotel. Generally, the hotel is divided into "high- ceiling areas" and "low-ceiling areas". So we should choose downlights according to the characteristics of these two areas.
  1. In the hotel front hall, lobby, restaurant and other high-ceiling areas with the floor height H>6m, LED downlights should be embedded (integrated with the environment), high power, large diameter and good anti-glare performance. 
  2. In areas such as hotel corridors, guest rooms, toilets and other low-ceiling areas with an average floor height of H≤2.8m, the LED downlights should be embedded (looks clean on the ceiling and does not compress floor heights), low power , small diameter, and good anti-glare performance.

How to choose the suitable downlight for the hotel? (Mainly low-power luminaires)

A.Anti-glare luminaires: the specific area is illuminated while the luminaires are invisible.
  1. Downlight that meets the requirements of cut-off angle >30°, and preferably>45°.
  2. Deep reflector downlight
  3. Downlights come with a variety of anti-glare ring
  4. Special processing optical reflector.
B.The luminaires should have adjustable angle function
Adjustable downlights enable the regularity of the lighting layout, and produce more possibilities to the space.

BLD-1080A IP65 adjustable module LED downlight

C.Accurate beam angle
For the hotel space, the proper beam is one of the effective ways to build a sense of space distinction and atmosphere of lighting. The LED luminaires in a hotel room are recommended to use medium-to-narrow beam (15-18°), medium-beam (22-25°), and medium-to-wide beam (28-30°). While wide beam(55-60°) can be used in the hotel lobby. Different angles are used in different areas.

D.The light output should meet the standard
The light quality evaluation factors include color temperature (CCT), color rendering (CRI), R9 rate and color tolerance (SDCM), etc. The light quality requirements of downlights are as follows:
2700K-3000K Ra>85 >20 in 3 Step
E.The light spot should be soft and uniform.
The hotel space must be tidy and clean, whether it is a facade or a flat. Any messy light or shadow will affect the visual effect, and makes no sense in creating a soft and uniform lighting environment. Therefore, good light spot should be soft and beautiful with less shadow.

Is there any downlights to be recommended for high-end hotel?

Combining the above requirements, our Magic downlight series are exactly suitable for high-end hotels with below characteristics:
  1.  Ultimate anti-glare and accurate beam angle with various lens accessories
  2.  Luminus COB with excellent light quality of CCT, CRI, SDCM.
  3.  Soft light spot
  4.  Module design, easy for installation and maintenance.
  5.  Non stroboscopic driver available for various dimming method
  6.  IP65 waterproof, suitable to be installed in hotel washroom
  7.  Round, square and trimless fittings are available.

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