Luminaire solution provider-BLED's trade services

1.LED Luminaire 

With the deepening of trade cooperation with customers, BLED's customers will have various purchasing needs. They will ask BLED to deliver finished luminaires / semi-finished luminaires/accessories. Including the European market, where BLED has the most significant export volume, our customers will purchase semi-finished lamps, lanterns, and accessories. According to our understanding, most of our customers are because of the local manufacturing policy, which requires the manufacturing industry to return to Europe and protect the European manufacturing. That's why our customers choose to use BLED's semi-finished products back to the assembly.

Northern Europe BLED shipments are mainly finished products; the main products are small openings Dim to warm downlights and commercial track lights. Central and Southern Europe to export semi-finished products, BLED's customers are Spain / Italy / Czech Republic / Germany. We ship semi-finished parts, and our customers import them to the local market for assembly. In the face of diverse customer needs, BLED has quality supplier resources to match them.

2. BLED helps customers purchase for their LED luminaire solutions

a.Luminaire solution-Lamp body: 

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Lighting solution-Lamp body from BLED

BLED has engineers who can develop and make drawings independently and a factory team who makes molds. We can make molds and produce finished products for customers in various industries; BLED's service customers cover the lighting industry/communication industry/bathroom industry/door lock industry, etc... Including die-casting embryos, CNC machining semi-finished products, and assembled hardware, BLED can provide services to customers in a systematic way.

b.Luminaire solution-Light source:

Lighting solution-LED source brand

BLED cooperates with light source brands such as Luminus / Ctizizen / Brigelux / CREE. All of them are usually used in the finished and semi-finished lamps and lanterns produced by BLED. The choice of multi-brand light sources can meet the requirements of customers with different light color needs. In addition, as a distributor of Luminus, we can help customers to purchase light sources.

c.Luminaire solution-Drivers / Track heads/Track rail:

Because of the high demand in the Chinese luminaire manufacturing market, there are many brands of drivers/track heads whose Chinese agents have more goods in the Chinese warehouse. When Bled's customers need this component, the advantage of the Chinese warehouse is reflected; BLED can let the matching supplier quickly provide goods to meet the needs of foreign customers for brand-name products. Often the production cycle of a branded product is 50-60 days, and Bled's good trade relationship with suppliers, the warehouse can use inventory to solve this problem well.

d.Luminaire solution-Reflector:

In addition to the above components, BLED can also help customers to customize the optics; in BLED's supply system, we have supplied to Ansorg / iGuzzini / Fagerh / RZB and other domestic OEMs, so BLED can also help all kinds of customers to customize the optics. 

3. Summary

BLED is not only a professional LED lighting manufacturer. At the same time, it has integrated all the resources of accessories that can support led lighting solutions and can help customers purchase light source, driver, track head, track bar, reflector, etc. BLED is a comprehensive LED solution provider, focusing on providing complete trade chain services for foreign trade customers.