What is LED Lighting Product Sourcing?
What is LED Lighting Product Sourcing?

LED product sourcing is part of the BLED's business.

China is a country with a complete industry chain, and when you are sourcing products from the world, you cannot avoid the Chinese market. This includes LED lights.
Sourcing LED lights from China is not an easy task. How can you quickly find the proper manufacturer and profit from the right product?
We are an LED light manufacturer in China and help our customers collect matching light products. Here are some of our experiences when sourcing suppliers from the Chinese market. We hope you will find them helpful.

1. Research the local product designation

How do you do your research on the local market for led lights?

If you are new to the field, you need to conduct product research first. There are several methods you can use to do your research. Go to specialized markets this way. Look up from online sites. It is easy for you to know about the products from the local market. You can check the natural products and see what is being sold in the market. But it is not easy for you to know which is the best seller in the market. Such information access channels are Alibaba, Amazon, and most importantly, of course, can not be separated from Google has a variety of platforms for you to find in the above article, as long as you enter the product word: "LED DOWNLIGHT" "LED LUMINAIRES" "LED TRACK LIGHT" can list the items you are interested in. This will help you to find suppliers. 

2. Contact your China LED Lighting factory

How to contact your Chinese LED light supplier?

The first option is to search for information on Google. Use the product keyword + manufacturer. Find the corresponding red fruit manufacturer that produces the product. For example, if you are searching for led downlights. You can use the keyword "led downlight" + "manufacturer." Then you can find some corresponding contact information.
People don't contact manufacturers from China for different reasons. They are afraid of the hassle. They prefer to source suppliers from local markets. Wholesale from importers. That doesn't make much profit.
 When sourcing from Chinese manufacturers, you have to search for suppliers on Google. It's a powerful tool that allows you to search for anything you want.
First, you go to www.google.com. All you need to do is use your keyword + China. Then you can find a lot of suppliers from China. There are also some tips for you. What we want is to search for factories/suppliers/manufacturers. So we have to add this to your search keywords. For example, if you want to find led strip light suppliers, what you need to do is use the keyword "led downlight" + "manufacturer" + "China," then you can search for some manufacturers from China. You must avoid using wholesale/dealer/trade as keywords. Most of them don't have factories.

After finding some company websites, you need to check if the products suit your requirements. From their "about" page, you need to check where the company is located, when they started this business, how many workers they have, and the factory location. It would help if you clarified that they are a credible factory.
You'll be lucky if you can find a professional to contact you. This will be very helpful for your business. The right person can be beneficial for your business. He can solve many troubles for you when you purchase products from here in China.

3. Negotiate with your LED lighting suppliers

How to talk to your Chinese LED Lighting factory?

From the very first time, you must talk to your supplier. This applies to every detail of your business.
The following must be connected with the factory about the product

a. Product details of led lighting

For example, sourcing led lights from China has specifications for the same led product, such as led chips, color temperature, color rendering index, and brightness. Sometimes this specification is standard for the industry, and you must first talk to your supplier about your product details. You have a clearer understanding of the product you are purchasing. This way there will be no trouble in the future business.

b.led lighting quality requirements

Quality is a frequent problem we encounter when purchasing products. You must discuss the quality requirements of the product with your supplier. The quality varies from material to material. Some materials also need to check quality. We have better order samples before bulk orders.

c. Package design

Many customers have their packaging design. This will help them show their professionalism and brand in the market. Some factories provide OEM service about packaging.
Four 、Shipment method
We know there are some ways to ship goods. Express delivery, such as DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT. Airfreight, sea freight, train. You can find the best way to ship goods. Safe and low cost. If you are new to importing goods to your country, you can ask your China sourcing factory to care for all deliveries. They can compare various ways and choose the best one for you. 4.

5. Order samples of led lighting Products

How do I order LED lamps from your Chinese supplier?
You have a better sample of your order before placing a bulk order.
From the samples, you can see the details of the product. Sometimes, the product you talk to the factory is not the same as the sample. You can easily see if the product meets your requirements from the samples. 5.

6. Plan your led lighting order well

Why should you plan your order well?
International trade is not like local market trade. Planning your orders well will help you to get your products on time. This is especially true for manufacturing companies. Because products have many processes and many different factories working together, sometimes, the whole process will be delayed if one process is delayed. We have to plan our orders well. Usually, if an order takes seven days to produce, we have to plan for 10 to 14 days. By doing this, we can have time when the unexpected happens. 7.

7. Benefits of a China Sourcing Agent

What benefits can you get from a China sourcing agent?
From above, you see that importing is not very easy. I think you focus on marketing and new product development. You can get a sourcing agent in China to do some work for you.
A Chinese sourcing agent knows the local product market. They do this work every day. So he knows which factories produce what kind of products and the quality of the products.
A China sourcing agent can help you with delivery.
A China sourcing agent can act as your hand and eye in China. They can help you to check the quality of your products before shipping. Avoid bad products.
A professional China sourcing agent can help you manage your supply chain. You only pay more for professional services.
As a professional LED luminaire factory in China, BLED LIGHTING welcomes you to visit our factory.