How to choose high-quality LED down light for your project

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How to choose high-quality LED lighting for your hospitality project?

Nowadays, more and more offices, hotels and commercial premises are equipped with LED down lights for lighting, which are becoming increasingly popular due to their suitability for interior lighting and energy-saving features. And hotel lighting should strive to create an attractive atmosphere through different brightness contrasts to avoid monotonous uniform lighting. But how to choose quality LED lighting becomes a significant difficulty. Let us suggest the following points to make you choose the ideal quality down light.

1. The quality of the LED down light chip should be good

First, the color temperature should meet the requirements.
It needs to be uniform, the light color cannot exceed the standard range, and the color difference is within the normal range (color difference SDCM <3).
Then is the high color rendering (Ra ≥ 90), the higher the color rendering index, the more real things are reflected, so choose lamps and lanterns to choose high apparent finger products.

2. LED down light fixture structure is reasonable

Anti-glare, universal adjustment of lamps and lanterns, miniaturization (small diameter, small volume, small power).
In the process of use, often the room down light, we will choose a small power, small opening down light, so as not to control too much and cause light blinding. Secondly, the anti-glare structure, because of the fear of light glare, so we usually make the lowest anti-glare level of lamps and lanterns, according to the UGR standard to judge the words, the standard lamps and lanterns to do UGR < 19. Bled's lights can be controlled in UGR < 5 or so.

3. Excellent optical design

Whether the beam angle is accurate, whether the spot is beautiful, whether the natural fading of the halo is also a relatively important point; many manufacturers tend to pursue high brightness and high illumination, ignoring the most critical optical design of the lamps. Whether the light spot is beautiful can become the focus of the display effect.

4. LED down light drive power supply reliable and high quality

The big problem on the luminaire can not be ignored - strobe. The strobe of the down light can cause harm to visual health; here is a tip for testing the degree of strobe: when you get the LED down light, you can plug in the power and light up the luminaire, use the slow-motion function of your phone camera to get close to the light-emitting surface, record a video, and then you can judge whether the luminaire produces strobe by watching the recorded video on whether there is strobe. Therefore, Bled's lamps are strobe-free.

5. High-quality warranty time

Generally speaking, a hotel may undergo a minor renovation and repair in about five years and may need a significant renovation within that ten-year period. In other words, a luminaire should last at least five or ten years to cover a hotel's refurbishment cycle.
And, a luminaire can have a five- or even 10-year warranty, which means that the quality of the areas on the luminaire that are subject to the most heat and stress, including reflectors, radiators and luminaire (positioning) components, is of the utmost importance when selecting a luminaire.
These five points can help you choose a suitable LED down light for your hotel project.

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