The difference between downlight and spotlight
Whether it is the decoration of the store or the lighting used in the decoration of the home, many people just follow the lighting designers who say what lights to use, and they only care about whether the final decoration effect is good.

In fact, where to install which kind of lamps is important, many friends do not understand, especially the difference between LED downlights and LED spotlights.So, the editor decided to teach you how to distinguish the use of downlights and spotlights
So, what are the characteristics of downlights and spotlights?

IP65 adjustable module LED downlight
In commercial lighting, downlights mainly provide uniform, comfortable, and soft basic functional lighting, while lighting mainly considers the spacing of the lamps, the illumination and uniformity of the ground, and the combination of the lamps themselves and the ceiling.

High efficiency LED track light BLT202T-25W
Spotlights are usually used for key lighting in commercial spaces to illuminate objects that need key lighting, such as objects, decorations, etc., which can make the brightness of the light clear, focus on the objects that need to be expressed, and enhance the effect.

The following editor will give you a detailed introduction to the difference between the two:

1. Downlight scattered light vs spotlight gathering
Downlights generally have a wider light distribution
Spotlights have better condensing effects.

2.The range of adjustable anger are different
The downlight generally illuminate directly downlights,while the spotlight can adjust more light angle at will

3. Light source
The most common use of traditional downlights is to use energy-saving light sources, some of which are metal halide lamps, and now there are many LED downlights. (The downlights of our company Bledlighting are all LED type downlights, and there is also an easily removable modular tube light). The traditional spotlights are mainly halogen lamps and Golden Road PAR lamps, but now LED spotlights occupy the main market.

Hope this article can be useful to you!